50 Shades of Yellow: What the color of your Urine says!

Human urine has been a useful tool of diagnosis since the earliest days of medicine. Every time you pee, you have the chance to learn something about yourself. Urine can offer telltale signs of what’s happening inside the body it’s departing. The color, density and smell of urine can reveal much about the state of our health. It can offer signs of everything from whether some of your vital organs may be showing signs of dysfunction to dehydration, infections and even certain cancers.
Since pee is such a useful tool of diagnosis, the Cleveland Clinic—a non-profit academic medical center in Ohio—made an infographic about the hue of your liquid excreta. Of course, if you are worried about the color of your urine, the Cleveland Clinic recommends you visit your doctor.
So before you flush, it’s time for some urination education. We’ve got all your answers covered concerning the tint of your downstream flow.

 urine-chart1  urine-sample

Overall, people should feel comfortable talking to their physician if they notice anything strange about their urine and should make sure that doctors always perform a urine analysis during regular physicals.
Urine is something that most of us can generally examine on our own on a daily basis. Whenever you notice anything unusual with your urine color, it is very well an indication to schedule an appointment with your doctor…not a way to make final diagnoses!.

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  1. Abayomi

    hahahahahahahaha……some of the colour code had me laughing…
    very eye opening cos what we were led to believe was that we had malaria or fever if you had a dark shade of yellow urine.
    Thank you

  2. Adeola Bankole-Olatunji

    A very enlightening read, more of these health tips! keep up the great job

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