Last night I was privileged to attend a Praise and Worship event in my church and one of the artiste that stood out for me was PITA! He preached a powerful sermon to us while performing and the few things he said really spoke to me. He told us about his near death experience in a car crash that he was involved in a while back.

Being involved in that accident became a strong and additional reason for him to bless God everyday of his life as a result for his gratitude for a second chance. He told us how he stood a chance of never walking again but God reversed the situation.

Now Pita has become fearless and in a hurry to fulfill purpose because he came face to face with death yet he came out triumphant. He concluded this part of his ministration by telling us not to wait to be involved in an accident before we make a decision to serve God always. That hit me like a hard punch!

Then I started thinking… Clearly this young man pulled through he accident and came out alive not by chance or sheer coincidence. God delivered him…God sent him his Guardian Angel to rescue him…God completely healed him!

So I ask myself, if I were to be involved in an accident today, would I deserve such mercy from God? Have I lived my life in such a way to provoke God’s sympathy and mercy to the point that if the devil tries to mess with me God can send me my guardian Angel to deliver me?

Have I lived my life in a way to show God I deserve a second chance in situations like that?

Interestingly, Pita is not alone in enjoying such benevolence. There are many testimonies attesting to such powerful miracle of God in modern times even in lands where people do not easily attribute such super natural occurrences to the a Divine Being.

Find here an interesting video of how people could not help but admit that Jehovah God was at work here to rescue a young lady just like he did Pita.

I will not wait to experience such tragedy and agonizing pain before I surrender my life to God to serve him in spirit and truth.

So, my Brothers and Sisters, if you weren’t planning to go to Church this lovely Sunday morning, please have a change of heart and go say a big THANK YOU to Baba God for LIFE today. Let him know you love him and appreciate him.

Like Pita said, don’t wait to be involved in an accident before you appreciate your life, your God and decide to serve him all the time!


Happy Sunday my people!


  1. Shemmie

    Wel said Mercy, I happened to be at that event and Pita did strike a chord in me with his unapologetic worship of the most High God. And the question resound in me, “do I have to experience a near-death experience to worship God with reckless abandon?” I choose to do so now, so help me God.

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