Mother’s Day Contest

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MAY 10 2015 is another Mother’s Day! Send us 10 reasons why your Mother is an amazing Mum and win a wonderful Mother’s day gift for her. Send your entries to and the top three best entries stand a chance of winning fabulous prizes from our Partners. Make this Mother’s Day Celebration special for your Mama…. Don’t be left… Read more »

10 Things That Have a Damaging Effect on the Brain

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1. Not getting enough sleep: This phenomenon, familiar to anyone, is becoming a global problem. According to the WHO, over the past 100 years, people began to sleep an average of 20% less. Severe lack of sleep creates the risk that different parts of the brain move into a phase of slow wave sleep in the state of wakefulness. As… Read more »

Life Class with Pastor Olufemi Paul

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“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.” Oprah Have you discovered your life’s calling to do the work you were meant to do? Have you discovered the factors that would keep you in alignment with our calling? Our Calling in… Read more »

Awesome Wonders

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  The workers clearing the forest to new road in Malaysia suddenly saw the 55 feet dead snake (300 Kg’s). Scientist’s have estimated its 140 years old. Doctors believe that this woman has the “World’s biggest hands” since each of her arms weighs one and a half stone. DuangjaySamaksamam is a shop owner from Surin province in Thailand.  For over 50… Read more »

Is The Fat Lady Singing?

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In today’s world we see increased evil, violence, wars, and persecution on a daily basis. Anytime I see the word “Breaking News”I am almost 100% sure it’s Bad News. But really, do we ever get good Breaking News? I don’t remember ever seeing one. In the last couple of weeks Breaking News has moved from Air Crash in France to… Read more »

True Life Story: Real Winners Don’t Give Up!

This is a true story of a young woman who went through the most gruesome fire. When you read her story, you’ll realize that your trials are absolutely nothing compared to what this young girl went through. It was September 25, 2000. MaricelApatan was an 11-year old girl in Zamboanga. On that day, this little girl went with her uncle to draw water…. Read more »

Are You A Critical Thinker Or A Sheer Critic?

Critical thinking is self-disciplined thinking, which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality in a fair-minded way. People who are critical thinkers steadily attempt to live reasonably, lucidly and empathically. They are open-minded and avoid making judgments on things they know little about and never jump into conclusions. They work diligently to develop the intellectual virtues of intellectual… Read more »

Push Back Your Set Backs – Aspire to Greatness

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I have come across a lot of brilliant young men and women in recent times who are unhappily stuck in paid employment, especially my former colleagues in the Banks. They express strong desires to do “their own thing” yet they do not have the nerves to quit their 9-5! I often hear many say that one day they will do… Read more »

From Humble Beginings Come Great Things

  Reminisce was a shoe seller Jean-Claude Van Damme delivered pizzas Stephen Baldwin worked in a pizza parlor OluchiOnweagba was a Bread Seller Don Jazzy used to sell Akara and Pap in Ajegungle Bill Murray was a pizza maker AlekWec was a refugee from Sudan Flavour Nabania – Church Drummer Madonna worked at Dunkin’ Donuts. Joseph Benjamin moved from being… Read more »

How To Know You Are Hanging With The Wrong Crowd

Humans cannot choose their Colour or race, National or Tribe, Family or Colleagues but sure enough, we have the latitude to choose our FRIENDS! Humans are social animals, and we are wired to seek acceptance, security and support from those that we share their mutual understanding. That rapport with the group becomes a big part of who we are and… Read more »

15 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Likely To Be Successful

Success can be defined differently for everyone but the fact is some people achieve it and some people don’t. What is it that successful people do or have to find success that others don’t? There has been a lot written about the skills and habits needed to live a successful life and I think most of us know the things… Read more »