Yesterday’s morning we all woke up to the magical news of Banky W’s engagement to Adesuwa Etomi. It was a like a fairy tale dream come true for a lot of us! I have never seen Nigerians so elated at two people getting married. It was so phenomenal! Even Valentine’s Day would go green with envy at the kind of amorous and passionate atmosphere evoked by this love story.

I watched with keen interest how people of different ages, status and social strata reacted to the news. Even people like me who normally would not dabble into trending personal issues of celebrities were not left out of the euphoria. We had a thing or two to post about this adorable couple.

Many did all sorts; from choosing the wedding hash tags to picking a “suitable” wedding venue in their humble opinion. They were short of just giving this couple a wedding date! Adesua’s acknowledgement of some Social Media follower’s felicitation by post-likes got some reeling in ecstasy.

Then I saw “famzing” of the highest order! Instantly, people starting tracing their genealogical roots to Banky’s wife to be. Everything was used to lay claim to a relationship of some sort to the queen of the moment! Those who were reminded of their Bachelorhood were also not left out of this frenzy.

It was a breath of fresh air for all… something completely new and exciting to save of the agony of all the political and economic brouhaha we have had to deal with in recent times.

But in all of this, I leant some vital life lessons I cannot help but share with my friends. And these are the lessons:

  1. HUMILITY – I see a very humble Olubankole Wellington. He was probably famous way before Adesua came on the scene. But he didn’t see himself as a bigger person or star. He was humble enough to “slide” into her DM! If he had said two years ago “I’m a bigger star and I shouldn’t be seen sending a DM to someone I’m obviously bigger than” then he just may have missed a chance to be with the woman of his dreams and we would probably not be celebrating them today. So if you are one of those “celebs” that feel too important to respond to a DM let alone send, please learn humility from Banky W so you don’t miss out on possible opportunities. You never know!
  2. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT – The trend now is to record marriage proposals and post LIVE “as e dey hot”! In fact at a point it looked like any proposal that wasn’t ‘videod’ and posted on social media, the couple were not really in love! And these proposals would always come in form of all manner of silly stunts. I saw one where the guy pretended to be dead and the guy’s friend called the lady, on getting to the scene he “resurrected” and proposed. Really??? Nigerians just took the proposal drama overboard yet none of them broke the Internet like this nice, sweet and quiet proposal that we got to know two months after! You don’t need all the drama to trend. You can still trend when you do things differently. What really count are your antecedents not the theatrical antics of your engagement!

3. PRICELESS FRIENDS – The real MVPS of this whole spectacle are friends of Banky and Adesua. Heavens bless them, as they didn’t feel the need for relevance and importance to be the first to break the news. We know how we can like to be the first to post! They kept it close to their chest not just since the engagement but from the time they started dating. These kinds of friends are EVERYTHING! Not only did they respect their wish to keep the relationship out of public eyes but they also helped them grow in it. They didn’t find reasons to break them up. God Bless us with friends like these!

4. DOING THE RIGHT THING EARNS YOU ADMIRERS TOO – Many believe to be in the news, to get everyone’s attention, to break the internet you must be doing something out of the normal. But here are two very regular people; no scandals, no fighting, no shades, no subs, no indecent talk or dressing, nothing out of the ordinary yet they won everybody’s heart. So for all you youngsters who will record yourself naked or half naked “twerking”, some will record themselves weeping over people or issues that do not concern them just to get noticed, others will seek unnecessary attention by cyber-bullying others, you don’t need negativity to trend. Just do the right thing and you could break the internet like Adesua and Banky

5. YOUR MISTAKES CAN BE IGNORED IF YOU DO THE RIGHT THING – I don’t know how many of you noticed how Banky spelt the word “Marry”. He actually wrote “Maary”. Intentional or not, trust me this could have been the headline given another circumstance. But the whole mystery that shrouded the proposal and the entire surprise package didn’t let us notice and when we did, we couldn’t even be bothered! Imagine if they had been shoving their love story down our throats from the very beginning and flaunting the entire affair on social media, I bet many would have just been waiting for a slip and this particular error would have just been unpardonable.

6. CELEBRITIES CAN HAVE A PRIVATE LIFE – Banky and Adesua have successfully debunked the myth that a celebrity CANNOT have a private life! Certainly they can if they so desire. You don’t have to post it to prove it. In an industry where everyone is over exposed, the coolest thing you can do is to maintain your mystery. This is why Adesua and Banky stand out. This is why they broke the Internet. They left us all gob smacked. If they have been frolicking our timelines before now with “relationship goals” they would have lost the excitement of yesterday because we would have seen it all already!

7. RECOGNIZE GOOD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – This is the most important lesson for me! This true-life love story has already sold The Wedding Party part 2! Whether you liked Part 1 or not you will definitely want to see the part 2 now that you know what’s up! So this is me feeling like Aunty Mo. Even if I didn’t have the intention of having The Wedding Party Part 2, the moment I realize the duo are dating and soon to be married, the best business decision I would ever make at that point is to get a script for part two! Are you a businessperson? Look around you and see what opportunities that are lurking around sometimes right under your nose that can propel your business to the next level. We do not need a Prophet to tell us that Part 2 of this movie will floor whatever box office record Part one broke!

After learning all this vital life lessons from this lovely couple, join me in wishing them a very blissful union that will be blessed with very beautiful babies. I can already imagine how cute and adorable they will be!

Congratulations Banky and Adesua.

Okay guys, let’s all get back to work now and leave these two lovelies to plan their WEDDING PARTY themselves!


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