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Mercy MakindeMy life’s journey has changed me in ways I never envisaged. I’ve been learning a lot in my life over the last few years; reinvigorating my faith, losing a loved one; my beloved and only Brother, building a business, exploring new ventures, traveling the world, taking chances with novel ideas and generally trying to improve myself in all ways.

I am on a journey in life just like everyone else. I pretty much started out earlier the hard way, I made my mistakes, learnt my lessons…through the ups and downs, I am still standing! If sharing experiences with others will assist them have an easier time of it, I’d be glad!

Learning excites me. I’m never shy to ask questions… never ashamed to admit “I don’t Know’! I love learning new things and I especially love to share them with my family and friends. I love discussing the things I learn with others because this always leads to expanded understanding and together we would form a living, learning community of minds that grow together.

I love GOD…He is My Source, My Life! I love my Family and Friends…they add colour to my world, no me without them! I love Soccer and Music…my ‘comic relief’ from work. I love humour…much love to all who often get me cracking you do the job of the best anti aging cream – ward off my wrinkles. I love to love… I love with my all!

I love to write and am constantly striving to improve this skill. Then I discovered blogging would present me the perfect medium for sharing what I learn. I value the thirst for knowledge. If you do like me, please join the forum as we discover new ideas and inspiration for fostering faith in our daily lives.

Mercy Makinde


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dr Tony Odusanya

    Wow!!! Thanks for your inspiration. It’s very educative and it must have inspired the readers. Well Done Sister Mercy. Does it mean that it’s only the Ijebu’s that are too stingy?

  2. Kemi Rutz

    Nice work! Looks fresh, love the concept, the attitude and the simplicity. Keep up the good work, and stay motivated.

  3. Mercy Makinde

    I am so touched by your lovely comments… I am inspired! I am motivated! I am fired up! And I resolve to give this my best shot…I will not let you down by God’s Grace. Thanks once again.

  4. Osita Charles

    After going through some of the of write up,i must confess that I have learn a lot from you,just like u said you love to learn n share it with friends to expand understanding…Indeed it has fulfill that purpose in my life..tanx a million

  5. sesan sorunke

    Well done, blogging requires a lot. I do hope you find the strength and courage to persist. Good luck.

  6. Charlize

    Well Done Mercy, i appreciate the blog. Truly the days of great beginnings. very inspiring!!

  7. Peace Young

    Great work. You are truly an inspiration to me. I trust you’d go very far with this blog and definitely would be a blessing to humanity. I hope to find interesting topics…..that am sure you’d do justice to. Many blessings Mercy and God bless you for this novel idea!


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